2012 Achievments in Summury

EHU referred 289 Children for clinical monitoring and management with OIs to health facilities.

EHU linked992 adult PLHIVs to access OI screening and treatment services at sub-county health facilities through health workers

EHU provided STI screening and management to 585 adults and adolescent PLHIV and suspected cases were referred to health facilities for treatment.

EHU provided 1087 PLHIVs with cotrimoxazole prophylaxis and 597 PLHIVs were also referred for Cotrimoxazole prophylaxis and follow up was made by both EHU and VHTs to ensure that they PLHIVs receive the cotrimoxazole they were referred for.

EHU staff and VHTs were oriented on use of the TB screening tool developed by MoH.Extended Hands Uganda with the help of VHT’s interacted with 100% of all PLHIV, these PLHIV’s were provided with care services such as screening for TB and suspectedcases were referred to health facilities for sputum analysis for further management and  diagnosis to confirm for TB.

EHU supported867 HIV+ individuals during the outreaches to access CD4 test. EHU and lower health facility staff were trained on how to draw blood samples for CD4 testing.

EHU Linked 567 eligible PLHIVs to ART clinics for further management through collaborative partnership and interagency networking consultations with those facilities offering chronic care, follow -up of these clients in the communities was done to provide them with ARV adherence counseling support.

Family Planning services and SRH education was also provided to 1067 PHAs. EHU also provided risk-reduction counseling to 88 identified discordant couples, supported them to make risk reduction plans, education on different health areas such as contraceptive use, adherence, re-infection, positive reinforcement, harm reduction, and positive living

A total of 34 TB Patients were supported to access HCT services this year 2012, EHU mobilized PHA network and VHT members to identify TB patients in the community for HCT services

EHU through the involvement of the VHT’s conducted Home Base care to 106 PHAs and their families using the family enrolment forms developed with services such as TB management, adherence to ARVs and nutritional support.

A total of 32 PLHIVs were provided with social services to improve quality of their life these included psycho social support, nutritional education and sustainable income generating activities (SIGA),

A total of 28 sessions of small-group community meetings of 25 people to scale-up uptake of ART, stigma, discrimination, complacence and gender issues were conducted in areas with highest HIV/AIDS incidence to increase demand for ART services. Promotional messages and IEC materials were used. The group discussions were facilitated by VHTs who were both mentored on how to facilitate discussions with good knowledge of group dynamics and equipped with skills on the issues to be discussed in the groups.

EHU greatly appreciates the support and partnership of the entire District Local Government of both Amolatar and Lira, existing health facilities and community structures, VHTs, PHAs network and PHAs expert client clubs “ Mamas and Papas clubs” for their special contribution. The role played by clients in the uptake of services was very crucial in the results we posted and we salute them all. The contribution by staff, volunteers, management was also phenomenal. 

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